daily prompt

A little emotion for the end of the day

Just fry up my soul now and serve me on a platter.

To be so broken, your pieces are too jagged to be mended. 

To be lost, there is no end to this maze you’re trapped in.

To be too exhausted, but there is no cave of relief; the hunter never lets the bear sleep.

To be completely alone; try to shout, nobody will hear you.

You scratch at the hole for a glimpse of light but darkness consumes your every bit.


It’s come to this

This is the state I live in now, I’m jealous of my dog. Look how comfortable that seems. Just sleeping on a pile of pillows while the world goes on around you. No care in the world other than your daily meal.

Has my life become that chaotic that I’m wishing I had a dogs life for a split second? How I yearn to have moments to just sleep when I could. How I yearn to just sleep in general.

Can I have free time to run outside and play? Lay in the sun and soak up the warmth? Get a little dirty, because who cares? Allow the simplest of things, like a toy or a treat, make me happier than life.

Live it up my friend!

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First Daily Prompt

I keep drowning in life; the waves keep knocking me down, I’m grasping for a breath, and all I can do now is chuckle.

My toddler screams if my attention is somewhere other than him for a minute; another human is handcuffed to me with no chance of a key to break free; my ears ring with cries, and all I can do now is chuckle.

I’m broke, exhausted, lost, alone, faded, numb, stuck, and all I can do now is chuckle.

I want to give up, I want to crawl into a hole, I want to hibernate for days, I want to smile, I want to experience happiness, I want to see the light again, but all I can do now is chuckle.


First blog post

Here we are. Writing, journaling, a little poetry action? All your thoughts out there for the world to view. Standing naked in front of a crowd, all of you out in the open, vulnerable. Kind of scary. But millions of people do it everyday, themselves with no mask on. Write what they feel, want, believe. I always thought if everyone else could do it, why can’t I? Seems so silly to even write about it. Some part of me has always been scared to even try. Maybe because I cared too much of what people thought. Maybe because I didn’t want to feel watched and have my feelings on display. Maybe I was just too scared and embarrassed.

But as you grow, something weirdly wonderful happens, you start to just really not give a fuck anymore. Mostly about what people think of you and your opinions. I’m almost 30, and it has taken me almost 30 years to start not caring about things that really don’t matter. That’s actually kind of sad. I’ve always envied the people around me who were who they were and did and said what they wanted and had no care in the world for who judged them. However, when you struggle with anxiety for most of your young adult life, caring about what others think takes over your brain. So maybe I’m just coping with it better now? Or maybe I’m just learning what others already achieved, being your own person?

Whatever it is, it feels really fucking good. Not that I’m completely cured of my disease of worrying but I’ve made it this far as to blog out my mind. And why start now? Well I’ve always wanted to keep a blog, so I’m starting a late year resolution? Perhaps I’m sick of writing in my journal, and maybe need a new kind of perspective as I write. Or Probably because I’m such a loner nowadays with being a stay at home mom that I need something to talk to, even if it’s myself on a webpage.

So, Hello World. Cheers!