It’s come to this

This is the state I live in now, I’m jealous of my dog. Look how comfortable that seems. Just sleeping on a pile of pillows while the world goes on around you. No care in the world other than your daily meal.

Has my life become that chaotic that I’m wishing I had a dogs life for a split second? How I yearn to have moments to just sleep when I could. How I yearn to just sleep in general.

Can I have free time to run outside and play? Lay in the sun and soak up the warmth? Get a little dirty, because who cares? Allow the simplest of things, like a toy or a treat, make me happier than life.

Live it up my friend!


1 thought on “It’s come to this”

  1. I feel for you. The little kid days are so, so tired-making. Everyone (including me) says to live it to the fullest because it passes so quickly, but while you’re there, it’s not all that wonderful. Glad you’re carving out some time to keep a record of it via your blog. You’ll get lots of support.

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